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HJS Motorsport UL-Catalytic Converters

Ultra-light catalytic converter reduces weight by up to 50%:

HJS UL catalytic converters
UL-catalytic converter with 3D structure

Weight is a key criterion for the selection of motorsport components. With the new, ultra-light matrix, it is possible to reduce the overall weight of HJS PE catalysts by a further 50%. The thickness of the catalyst casing can be reduced from 1.5 mm to 0.5 mm by use of the new three-dimensional bionic structure. In combination with the previously used perforated foil (PE), there is a significant weight reduction of over 50% compared with competing products.
The smaller difference in thermal capacity of the steel foil matrix and the casing is another advantage of ultra-light catalysts. This doubles the durability under the extremely high thermal shock loads commonly experienced in motorsport.

Picture Drawing Catalytic Converter Weight FIA Homologation
90 95 0021 UL 90 95 0021 UL HJS-Nr. 90 95 0021 UL
 T 1.6 9074-10
0.9 kg up to 180 hp/up to 1200 ccm
up to 360 hp/up to 2000 ccm*
90 95 0061 UL 90 95 0061 UL HJS-Nr. 90 95 0061 UL
 T 1.6 1277-10
1.4 kg up to 350 hp/up to 1600 ccm

* Two catalytic converters to be mounted parallel

Dimensions of the drawings are state in mm